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Hi, I'm Lucy van Sandwijk
a software developer with a passion for apps

About me

I am a passionate developer with a love for creating video games, mobile apps, and experimenting with new technologies.

I enjoy identifying and solving problems in creative ways to deliver a clean, user-friendly experience— I believe it is best to have a plan before I open up my editor, you'll usually find me making Trello boards, to-do lists, and step by step plans for my projects before beginning the programming process.

Some of my first memories of programming were when I would follow online tutorials to figure out how to build my own browser in Visual Basic with great features such as a built-in music player that plays my favorite songs only.

Since then I've learnt that a browser probably shouldn't have a built-in music player that you cannot turn off, and instead put my focus on ensuring the apps and websites I develop are innovative, functional, and trustworthy.

I work with:

Swift HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript PHP Lua Python
Node.js Cordova jQuery Löve2D Trello GitHub



Tetrominoes is fun block-stacking game for Apple Watch.
Special features include:
Multiple control schemes
Local highscores
Theme options

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